Square cooling Tower in Coimbatore


Gireesh Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in Coimbatore – Cooling Towers is one of the prominent square type cooling towers manufacturers and suppliers in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Gireesh series fiberglass square type cooling towers are specially designed for long life and require less maintenance at a competitive price. Square shape Closed cooling towers or fluid coolers operate just like the open type but dissipate the process fluid heat load into the ambient air via a heat exchange coil. This isolates the process fluid from the outside air, keeping it clean and free of contamination in a closed loop and creating two separate fluid circuits: 1. In an external circuit, which sprays water circulates over the coil and mix it with the outside air. 2. In the internal circuit, which the process fluid circulates inside the coil.

    A square cooling tower is a type of heat rejection device that is used to dissipate heat from industrial processes or HVAC systems. It is called a square cooling tower due to its square-shaped footprint when viewed from the top.

    Square cooling towers are typically made of durable materials such as fiberglass, steel, or concrete, and consist of several key components, including a water distribution system, a fill media, a fan or fans, and a drift eliminator. The basic principle of operation involves the circulation of hot water from the industrial process or HVAC system over the fill media while air is drawn through the tower by the fan(s). The heat from the water is transferred to the air through evaporation, and the cooled water is collected at the bottom of the tower and then recirculated back to the process or system for reuse.

    Square cooling towers are used in various industrial processes, power generation, chemical plants, oil refineries, HVAC systems, and other applications where large amounts of heat need to be dissipated. They are known for their efficient and effective heat transfer capabilities, as well as their relatively compact footprint compared to other types of cooling towers. The square shape of these cooling towers allows for efficient use of space, especially in urban or congested areas where available land may be limited.

    Square cooling towers can be either forced draft or induced draft, depending on the arrangement of the fan(s) in relation to the air flow. Forced draft cooling towers have fans located at the air inlet, which forces air into the tower, while induced draft cooling towers have fans located at the air outlet, which induces air to be drawn through the tower.

    In summary, square cooling towers are heat rejection devices used to dissipate heat from industrial processes or HVAC systems. They have a square-shaped footprint and consist of various components to facilitate the heat transfer process. Square cooling towers are known for their efficiency and compact footprint, making them suitable for applications with limited space. Proper design, operation, and maintenance are important for optimal performance of square cooling towers.