U Tube Heat Exchanger Coimbatore

Gireesh Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in Coimbatore are the most common type of heat exchangers used in all chemical process industries. As its name indicates, these type of heat exchangers consists of a shell filled with a bundle of tubes and sealed at each end by a tube sheet isolating the tubes and the shell.

The U tube structure is the most significant distinction between u tube heat exchangers and other forms of heat exchangers; the greater the tube diameter, the longer the minimum bending radius. The bending radius of the U tube heat exchanger should be at least two times the heat exchanger tube's outer diameter. The ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1 is commonly used to build U tube heat exchangers. The stress damage caused by container expansion during the heating or cooling process may be avoided with this high-load U tube heat exchanger. A U Tube heat exchanger from Gireesh is the best choice. We manufacture U tube heat exchangers in line with the ASME standard.